Best and Worst Remodeling Trends of 2020

Best and Worst Remodeling Trends of 2020This year was anything but standard. It should come as no surprise that design trends did not fit the standard worst and best list criteria either. It really became a divided year: pre versus postpandemic living. Trends we started out fully embracing when January presented us with a shiny and new 2020 left us less than thrilled mid-year.

The following look back is not really a good versus bad list. It is more of a pre-pandemic good versus post-pandemic not as great list. So, without further ado and a drum roll in your head, let’s reflect on how something sounded great in January and made us re-think things a bit by April.

This sounded great in January: Open Plan Living

We wanted to see everything on our main floor. We wanted our living room and dining room to get married and become a huge space. We wanted fluid interiors with no barriers.

Then we were together all the time. Many of us soonrealized that a little division was not a bad thing. We wanted to be able to co-exist within the same space but not fully on top of each other.

The solution to open plan living: Broken plan or Semi-open living

Broken plan or semi-open living presents a stylish solution. It allows for the creation of smaller “break out” spaces that offer privacy without abandoning the qualities we love about open plan living. It is also a great way to create multi-functional space.

Create broken plan or semi-open living by “zoning” your spaces. For example, you can zone your kitchen in to eating and socializing spaces by adding semi-permanent partitions like bookcases, changing levels, or changing flooring. has 4 Ideas on Creating a Semi-open Kitchen.

Add a kitchen island with cantilevered eat-in areas andyou now have a zoned multi-functional space!

This sounded great in January: Minimalism

You surrounded yourself with white space, neutral colors, and functional furniture. Your house was zen and your lines were extremely clean.

Then a pandemic hit (there may be a theme here) and things started to appear. There were little coffee splatters from that time your husband did not listen to you and used a regular mug instead of a travel mug and spilled. Your home office started seeming very, very white as you realized you had absolutely nothing to look at all day long.

You started thinking about (gasp) painting. You started thinking about things that were not at all functional.

The solution to minimalism: Modern Living

No one is suggesting a full abandonment of your minimalist lifestyle. Retain your roots and dip a toe in the modern living waters. has 13 Modern Kitchen Ideas to get you started. Consider adding non-functional (I know, it will be ok) elements like accent beams or colored tiles to bring modern to your minimal.

Your 2021 color palate has arrived in the form of Pantone’s Color of the Year 2021.

Visualize going from minimalist to modern with our kitchen visualizer.

This sounded great in January: Open Shelving

Open shelving was the hottest trend around as 2020 started. Rustic shelves gave off a modern farmhouse feel. Industrial metal shelves were functional for the minimalists and funky for the modernists. Our attractive items were on full display.

That changed as we added a box of school supplies because the kitchen was now a classroom and a box of baking supplies because yes, we were going to figure out bread like the rest of the world and like it.

The solution to open shelving: Customized Storage

Enter the best friend known as customized storage. It is not bad to hide things! Custom cabinets can allow for the best of both worlds: hidden supplies with open shelves on the side. They can also help you create your zones for broken-plan living! It is a true win-win and sanity saver.

Kitchens ReDefined has the kitchen storage solution you need now!

We are all looking forward to saying goodbye to 2020 for too many reasons to list. There are, however, those happy accidents to carry with us in to 2021. Our realization that we are truly blessed by our surroundings is one of those happy accidents.

Happy New Year from the Kitchens ReDefined Team!

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