Color Series Naval

Naval Paint

Naval SW 6244 by Sherwin Williams is a timeless color that will never go out of style. Sherwin Williams describes it as “a rich navy that creates a calm and grounding environment infused with quiet confidence.” It is a deep, rich, saturated color that can be used on anything from cabinets to ceilings. Sherwin Williams states that “this deep shade evokes a prominent sense of confidence that fuses timeless color with a fresh mix of natural materials and textures that bring navy blue into a new era.” has 10 Trendy Navy Blue Cabinets You’ll Fall in Love With that demonstrates the many color combinations and styles that pair with Naval as your cabinet color choice. It supports living spaces that go from natural to modern because of its ability to elevate and ground a space at the same time.

Naval goes beyond cabinet color as well. It makes itself at home in almost any color palette, whether that means earthy tones, soft pastels, bold colors, or blues and grays. Because of that, there is not much outside of this color’s design aesthetic. Because of this, it can be used to create a dramatic ceiling or accent wall just as easily as it can be used for an overall wall color.

Team Player

Naval is a true team player. Navy and white is a classic combination but there is no need to stop there. It is a perfect partner for butter yellows like Midday SW 6695, khakis like Ramie SW 6156 and Roycroft Suede SW 2842, and airy greens like Fleeting Green SW 6455.  You can even pair it with a classic black like Tricorn Black SW6258 to create a dramatic palate with bold, two-toned cabinets.  It is a great choice for adding anchoring color in a vintage kitchen that uses floral wallpaper and soft colors like blush and mint green.

Mix with Metal

Naval loves both gold and silver hardware. It is the perfect color choice for an Art Deco kitchen. Art Deco design needs a rich, anchoring color to maximize the glamour of polished metals, bold, geometric patterns, and glass and rare wood pieces. Naval is the perfect color choice. has Everything You Need to Know About the Art Deco Glamour Trend.  Even if you are not going full Art Deco glam, Naval will elevate the look of metal pulls, lighting, and fixtures.

Grounding Graphics

If modern, bold patterns and prints are what you desire, look no further than combining them with Naval. It will anchor printed wall paper, modern art pieces, and colorful tiles. It pairs with any pop of color you desire, from tangerine orange to regal purple. Picture a colorful backsplash with Naval cabinets or red velvet stools against a Naval kitchen island. has 100 Bright and Beautiful Colorful Kitchen Ideas for even more inspiration.

Modern Nautical Vibe

Blue and white with driftwood tones and brass accents can create a modern twist on a classic. Bolder than Coastal Style, the nautical color palette is inspired by luxury ocean voyages. Naval is the perfect addition to a nautical palette of sky blues, bright white clouds, and deep blue ocean waters, as well as wood textures that remind us all of driftwood or an aged wood of a luxury ship. It makes brass accents pop and highlights a subtle reminder of the theme like shell patterned wall paper or a lamp that resembles a coral reef in shape.

Whether you are going classic, bold, nautical, or vintage, Naval has you covered. Our design experts at Kitchens Redefined are ready to incorporate it in to your next kitchen design.

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