Designer Kitchen Finishes

With Kitchen Cabinets the foundation finishes are generally Painted or Stained finishes. However there are many more options to choose from that simply painted or stained. While the foundation finishes are commonly used, Designer Finishes are more compelling, add greater depth, beauty and design to the cabinets. At Kitchens Redefined we have hundreds of Designer Cabinet Finishes on display at our showroom. Designer Finishes such as Antique Glazed, Contemporary and Modern Glazed, Transitional Finished, Metallic and Metallic Glazed, Distressed, County French, Old World, Antique Chipped, Shabby Chic, Rustic, Clay Composition Applied Moldings, Gilded and more.

Our process… our process is simple, call us for your free consultation in which Kelly will come out and give you his designer input into your kitchen and what makes most sense weather a refinish with foundations finishes or Designer Finishes, Redooring or Refacing or a complete tear out and redesign. He will also assist with many other aspects of the kitchen refinish remodel process such as lighting, pluming, hardware, counter tops, backsplash and more. From simple to simply amazing, Kelly with start you down the road to redefining your kitchen. After the initial consult, Kelly’s office will schedule a second meeting with you to come into our showroom and review the proposal and show you all the options for your kitchen.

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