Going Green: The “Now” Kitchen Color with Staying Power

green kitchen cabinetsQuite a few of us immediately think of our avocado green childhood kitchen when “green” and “kitchen” are mentioned in the same sentence. Banish the thought. It ages you and does a disservice to what is fast becoming the desired designer color. The many shades of green are having a serious moment. It is a color that ranges from emerald to mint. It fits in with any décor, from rustic to classic.

Green is the color of nature. It imparts renewal, rejuvenation, and energy. We have never looked at a bright plant and thought it clashed with the stem. It pairs nicely with every other color and with shades of itself. It also likes wood, metal, and wallpaper. It can make textures stand out. Purewow.com says This is the Hottest Color to Paint Your Kitchen Right Now.

Green works as a color in the kitchen for cabinetry, seating, tiles, walls, floors, and more. Elledoecor.com offers 30+ Inspiring Green Kitchens That Are Full of Life.  These kitchens show the diversity and chameleon-like nature of a green palate. There are so many ways to embrace green. You can go big or start small.

You can pick a soft, subtle shade of green, and it will become your new neutral. Move over white, beige, and gray! Consider tones in the lime, mint, pistachio, and seagrass range. These shades are ready for use in large areas like any other neutral. You can pick a bolder shade like olive green and go wall-to-wall for a warm, inviting feel.

You can make green your kitchen cabinet color. Thespruce.com has 18 Green Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for inspiration. Go bold with a green and black cabinet combination. Pair emerald green cabinets with floral wallpaper. Earthy olive green cabinets mix well with other natural wood cabinets. Distressed, muted green cabinets make a farmhouse sheik kitchen pop.

You can layer! When done correctly, you can easily experiment with different tints of green throughout your kitchen. Go for darker green cabinets paired with a grassier shade of green on the walls. When mixing shades of green, make sure to opt for greens with similar undertones so they do not clash.

Green and gold is a classic combination for a reason. It is not something that should only come out during the holiday season. Think about choosing bold greens like emerald and bringing in hardware, furniture, lighting, and other accents in gold and brass. A gold or brass statement hood would look incredible in any green kitchen!

Green and natural wood tones are an obvious match. Leaves do not clash with bark, after all! Dark wood tones with light shades can impart a mid-century modern vibe. Those same dark tones with jewel tones can become gothic sheik. Light wood shades and green apple, pistachio, or olive colors can bring the outside indoors.

Team Green up with a bold partner. Stick with a bolder green like emerald, olive, or forest green. Choose marble, pink, white, black, or red as a partner. These pairings will allow you to create everything from glam to period, to French Chateau looks in the kitchen.

If you are not ready to take the full plunge, consider using a green highlight. You could incorporate a stand-alone piece of furniture. You could paint one accent cabinet. You could add a touch of green with an accent wall. Thisoldhouse.com offers their Editor’s Pick: Our Favorite Green Kitchens for more inspiration and ideas.

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