Kitchen spruce-up or total remodel? Owner-designer’s expertise covers every need

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Kitchen spruce-up or total remodel?

Owner-designer’s expertise covers every need

A Sponsored Feature by Inspired Living Magazine on | September 22, 2019.

Many people don’t know their options when it comes to a kitchen update or remodels, says Kelly S. King, owner and lead designer of Kitchens ReDefined.

The Omaha-based firm specializes in repainting, recoloring, refacing and redooring of kitchen cabinets.

King’s bread and butter: honey oak styles with arched doors popular in the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s.

If all that golden hue has you going blind, perhaps it’s time for a change.

Step one is to call a pro for an estimate.

“Often people are shy about revealing their budget,” King says of initial consultations with clients. His advice: “Tell me what you want. I’ll get you to the right place. Your wallet will be my wallet. We work with all budgets — whether you want us to be frugal or perform serious magic.”

King breaks down the options as a primer for discussion.

Level 1: Repaint or refinish

Existing cabinets can be repainted, refinished or even stripped and refinished. Designer glazes or distressed finishes also can be applied to get the look you desire. “When refinishing cabinets, it’s imperative that the correct steps be done to ensure a long-lasting refinish,” King says. “We’ve developed very specialized coatings for exactly that purpose.”

Level 2: Redoor

Existing boxes stay and outdated door styles are replaced with more desirable or current-trending door styles.

Level 3: Reface

Cabinets get the look of a different wood through “skinning.” The process involves the application of a special wood-like overlay. A popular option with honey oak cabinets is to skin the boxes with walnut and install new walnut doors.

Level 4: Reconstruct

Sometimes kitchen cabinets need a little reconstructive surgery — to add crown molding, remove a microwave oven for a range hood, or accommodate new drawer boxes with soft-close hinges.

Level 5: Replace

“Repurposing existing cabinets does not make sense if a lot of reworking is required,” King says. In that circumstance, Kitchens ReDefined can gut and redesign your kitchen with custom-built, custom-finished cabinets. “We’re a full-service operation.”

Kitchens ReDefined works on 150 to 200 kitchen projects each year, King says, noting 60-plus years of combined experience in the kitchen cabinet, countertop and backsplash design and installation space. King also has long-standing relationships with subcontractors for HVAC, plumbing, electrical, drywall and flooring work when needed.

“There’s a lot of honey oak in Omaha,” he says. “Cabinet repurposing has a long future.”