Reface Kitchen Cabinets for a Traditional Style

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There are plenty of examples of kitchen styles that seemed like a good idea at the time, only to look strange, outdated, or just downright silly five to ten years later. While everyone wants to have a kitchen that looks great, achieving that goal doesn’t necessarily involve the latest trends. If you want a great look for your kitchen but don’t want to go down a path that will date itself in no time, your best option is to go with a timeless style.

Traditional kitchen designs have stood the test of time and still look great today. Since this is a proven style, it’s not only something you will be able to enjoy on a daily basis, but it will also help add value to your home for when the time comes to sell.

The 6 Key Elements of a Traditional Kitchen

If you like the idea of going with this style, it’s helpful to know what will pull it all together. The first element is a neutral color palette. At Kitchens Redefined in Omaha, not only do we offer cabinet transformations, but we can also take care of all the painting required to achieve this look.

Decorative accessories like corbels and island wainscoting are the second element, with luxury countertops being the third. Moving on to the fourth and fifth elements, you’ll want to add at least one decorative or ornate light fixture, as well as a simple backsplash.

Last but certainly not least are your kitchen cabinets. While modern kitchens are focused on smooth lines and minimalism, the traditional style makes it possible to be more expressive. That’s why the sixth element is cabinets with a raised panel or vintage style.

Easily Reface Your Kitchen Cabinets for a Traditional Style

Although every element that we covered above plays an important role in creating a traditional style kitchen that looks great, the kitchen’s color and cabinets are the most visible. Since kitchen cabinets play such a key part in traditional and other styles, you may think that you have to ditch your current cabinets.

Buying and installing new kitchen cabinets is quite expensive, but you’ll be happy to know that there’s another option. The option that can help you save big while still creating the look you want is to have Kitchens Redefined reface your kitchen cabinets.

We make it easy to reface kitchen cabinets. The main component of this process is to add a solid wood overlay over your cabinet’s current face. We also make it easy to change your cabinet’s hinges, hardware or even the crown molding. With our affordable service, you will get great cabinets that look completely new and different.

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Whether you have additional questions about how we can reface kitchen cabinets to a traditional style or want to schedule an appointment, call Kitchens Redefined at (402) 896-9670 to speak with a member of our team.

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