Reface Kitchen Cabinets with New Doors and Drawers

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If you’re tired of the way that your Omaha kitchen looks, there are multiple ways you can update its appearance such as having your kitchen cabinets refaced. A significant advantage of refacing cabinets is that you can completely change the look of your kitchen without taking on the cost of adding entirely new cabinets.

With refacing, the basic structure of your cabinets is left in place. The only thing that’s changed is the cabinet doors or facing. By working with Kitchens Redefined, you can decide whether you want a raw or pre-finished reface in a traditional style or a modern one. Raw refacing allows us to change the wood species of your cabinet door, drawer faces and styles while any finish imaginable while a pre-finished reface means we can give your cabinets a new color and style but more limited choices.

At Kitchens Redefined, the most frequent request we receive from Omaha homeowners is to change the look of kitchen cabinets. Through the magic of refacing kitchen cabinets, we’re able to deliver the exact vision of what a homeowner wants. However, once we start planning the details of the change, many homeowners realize that they also want to make some changes in terms of functionality. If you’re in the same position, you’ll be happy to know that we can incorporate those types of changes into the refacing process.

Options for Cabinet Door and Drawer Additions

Since we can take care of modifications for new appliances or add custom cabinetry when we reface, it’s worth looking at the different types of cabinet doors and drawers that are available.

Call Kitchens Redefined at (402va) 896-9670 To Reface Kitchen Cabinets

If you want to work with kitchen designing experts you can trust to deliver the highest level of quality, call our team at Kitchens Redefined today at (402) 896-9670 to schedule your free estimate. Remember, we can also refinish kitchen cabinets and repaint them as well, and you can check out examples of modern cabinet styles at our showroom by appointment!

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