Refinish Kitchen Cabinets to Get a Modern Style

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Do you want your kitchen to have a modern style? Whether you’re updating the look of your entire house or want to bring your kitchen up to date with the current style of the rest of your home, this is an exciting project. Since your kitchen is used and seen on a daily basis, it’s fun to think about it having a new and appealing look.

While there are lots of good things that go along with changing your kitchen, the one issue that gives many homeowners pause is the cost. Because a full kitchen remodel comes with a hefty price tag, it’s normal to be hesitant about whether or not this is the right move.

Although plenty of home magazines make it seem like this is an all or nothing decision, the good news is there are actually multiple ways to reduce costs while maintaining the effectiveness and value of a kitchen upgrade. Of all the economical options you can consider, cabinet transformations are the best. Specifically, deciding to refinish kitchen cabinets means you can significantly reduce the cost of changing the style of your cabinets. By choosing Kitchens Redefined in Omaha, you’ll get the great outcome you want without the major expense that comes with a total kitchen remodel.

What to Keep in Mind to Refinish Kitchen Cabinets for a Modern Style

When you’re going for a modern look, you don’t need to worry about overly ornate touches or finishes. In fact, because this type of design emphasizes understated but refined details, eliminating things that are too ornate will give you the look you want.

Since color plays such a big part in setting the right tone for a modern kitchen, refinishing is the ideal opportunity to select the perfect color for cabinets. While refinishing makes it possible to choose a lighter or darker stain or paint color for your cabinets, going darker is generally the best option when the goal is a modern look.

When you choose Kitchens Redefined to handle this part of your kitchen upgrade, you can be confident that we’ll choose the perfect custom paint color or stain for the look you want. Additionally, our quality of work means your cabinets will look just as good many years down the line as they do the day we finish your project.

The Other Key Touches to Give Your Kitchen a Modern Look

Another key cabinet refinishing element that can really modernize your kitchen is the door and drawer styles. Many homes have very dated door and drawer face styles and they can be replace with many different designer door options and well as different wood species. Kitchen ReDefined can guide you through this process.

As mentioned above, ornateness doesn’t go well with a modern design. So if your cabinets currently have knobs or other fixtures that are really detailed, this process is the perfect time to replace them with a sleeker option like brushed metal pulls. These pulls come in a number of contemporary shades like bronze and nickel that can give your cabinets the modern pop they need to make a statement.

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Since the task to refinish kitchen cabinets in Omaha is something you want done right the first time, Kitchens Redefined is the partner you can trust to deliver quality work. For a free consultation about how we can make your kitchen upgrade a success, call us today at (402) 896-9670.

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