Color Series: Tricorn Black

Tricorn BlackCapture the Perfect, Versatile Black for Your Kitchen

Everyone knows that black is a classic. It is a wardrobe staple. Think about the little black dress, the classic tuxedo, the t-shirt that goes under anything, or the pants that go with everything. It can make you look dressed head to toe and is a natural match for gold or silver jewelry or that statement bag. Why would it be any different for your kitchen?

You do not want just any black. You want the workhorse that can step in anywhere. We have saved you from hours of pondering swatches. Look no further than Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black SW6258. It can make a dramatic, dark, unique statement or a neutral, grounded, earthy and rich statement.

Let’s explore the reason calls Tricorn Black Sherwin Williams: The Only Black Paint You’ll Ever Need.

Ground The Room

Tricorn Black can be used to ground a large, bright space. You can go bold and make it your overall cabinet color. You can use it as an anchor on just your lower cabinets. It is a perfect color for an island. You can even use it to create a statement wall. Consider this when you want an overall blank canvas and are using whites or grays for walls and countertops. This is also the perfect color to bring modern formality to the rustic aspects of a farmhouse kitchen.

The New Neutral

We tend to think of whites, creams, and tans when we think if a neutral paint color. Black actually works as an all over neutral paint, too. It pairs with absolutely anything. Tricorn Black looks just at home with a bold palate as it does with a pastel palate. It pairs with earthy browns and greens. Of course, there is also the classic black and white. Think about a modern twist by making black the neutral and white the accent. has 22 Kitchens With Beautiful Black Cabinets for inspiration.

Small Space, Big Drama

If you are looking for the perfect way to elevate a small space, look no further than Tricorn Black. You may shy away from it in a small space because of the fear of making it feel smaller. Have no fear. A bold, black upper and lower cabinet can make as bold of a statement as a piece of furniture.

Shine On

Tricorn Black does for metal accents does what the perfect little black dress does for statement jewelry. It provides a rich canvas and counterpoint to the shine factor. Whether you are using brass, gold, copper, or silver hardware or in larger pieces like furniture or an oven hood, black makes the perfect backdrop to heighten the elegance.

Take a look at Cooking Up Character: 6 Rich Colors for Gourmet Kitchens to see why designer Kim Taylor West used Tricorn Black for her client Liz Sloan because she was “Inspired in part by Sloan’s favorite jewelry pieces, including black-and-gold earrings in a geometric art deco style and wooden bracelets with a 1970s feel, West and her team gradually pieced together the rest of the room’s palette of brushed gold light fixtures and cabinet hardware.”

Bring On the Bold

There is a reason modern art museums frame pieces in a classic black frame. It offers balance for the eye and allows the design to shine.  It can handle bold patterns and frame them like artwork to make them pop.  Tricorn Black is also the perfect counterpoint to bold color. Whether you are envisioning a bold tile backsplash, a feature wall with a geometric wallpaper design, or pops of primary color, anchoring your look with black makes the perfect style statement.

If this is the color for you, Kitchens Redefined is ready to bring Tricorn Black into your kitchen design. Contact us today!

Want to see this color in action?  Check out our video on Tricorn Black!