What is Cabinet Refinishing?

Cabinet refinishing is the process of changing your existing cabinets by either changing the color through painting, staining or designer finishes.

What is Cabinet Refacing?

Cabinet Refacing is a service offered for those who have good quality current cabinets in a kitchen layout they are happy with. This is a repurposing process where we replace the outdated door and drawer faces in any style or wood species you prefer. For more information on cabinet refacing, check out our blog post here!

Why Choose Kitchens Redefined?

At Kitchens Redefined, we specialize in kitchen cabinet refinishing, repainting, refacing, redooring or complete cabinet replacement. We take your existing cabinetry and transform them with our beautiful custom finishes. With decades of experience, we have perfected our processes and products and have the best team in the business working to serve you and your needs.

What Are The Benefits of Cabinet Refinishing and Refacing Compared to Cabinet Replacement?

Cabinet refacing and refinishing offer several benefits, such as cost savings compared to replacing cabinets entirely, reduced time and disruption during the renovation process, and the ability to maintain the existing layout and functionality of the cabinets.