Our team of amazing talent contribute in ways that are virtually indescribable. Each of them bring to the table a unique set of skill and talent that combined creates a synergy the is duplicated nowhere else in this industry.

There is no one individual with whom this company does not rely, and who does not add value. We are grateful for each and everyone of our team members, and it shows from the planning stages all the way through to the final product.

The Triad, NC owner

Aanessa Reeves

Aanessa Reeves is a formally trained faux effects refinisher and kitchen designer and remodeler  with more than 15 years of experience. Having started her business in her hometown of  Jamestown, NC, she quickly expanded her portfolio to include kitchen and bathroom projects throughout the United States. Aanessa enjoys the challenge of a variety of jobs including  vacation homes, residential and commercial locations/properties, restaurants and more. Her  talents have lead her to work on projects for both the White House and as an HGTV Showcase  Designer in Pennsylvania. 

Aanessa loves what she does! She approaches each new job site as the opportunity to listen to  her clients and give them exactly what they want – bringing their dream space to life. She  believes in working hard in tandem with her clients’ vision to ensure that each space is  transformed into something exceeding the client’s expectations. 

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