6 Ways to Bring Jewel Tones to the Kitchen

jewel tone kitchensThe announcement of Pantone’s color of the year for 2023, Viva Magenta, is ushering bold color back in to design. This naturally leads to exploring jewel tones. Jewel tone colors add drama and make a statement in a room. Derived from gemstones such as amethyst, emerald, ruby, and sapphire, they read luxe and can be used as an alternative to a neutral color palette.
There are many ways you can introduce jewel tones in to your kitchen décor, ranging from over all saturation to pops of color. Thespruce.com tells you How to Decorate with Jewel Tones, According to Design Experts. The main rule of thumb, and the decision you should make before you begin, is whether you want to accent with jewel tones or fully commit. No matter what you decide, we have the answer for bringing these colors in to you design landscape.

Go Bold

If you decide to make a sweeping change, think big doses of color. You should bring jewel tones to major element of your kitchen, such as walls, cabinets and furniture. You can even include the floor! These 6 Jewel Tones Are Making Kitchens Shine according to Forbes.com. Consider emerald green, ruby red, or even amethyst cabinets or walls. When choosing your color, pick a jewel tone that will saturate the space. If you do opt to go big, it should be part of a full home makeover so that the room does not feel cut off from the rest of the house.

Create a Palette

You do not have to decide on just one shade. Jewel tones naturally play well together. If you choose to create a palette, stick with deep jewel tones. Like shades of deeper blues and reds will create a more blended look while cooler shades like emerald green and magenta will read high contrast. Benjamin Moore has the perfect guide for Adding Jewel-Toned Paint Colors into Your Space.

Bring the Patterns

Patterns are the perfect way to bring in color without saturating the space. You can dip your toe in the water without submerging yourself. A great way to bring in pattern is with wallpaper. You can find something with one jewel tone or several. It can read modern to tropical. The possibilities are endless. You can also opt for art or accents like vases and linens for a truly temporary commitment.

Small Accents

Pop of color people should incorporate small accents. Paint a pantry door in one of Sherwin William’s 5 Gemstone-Inspired Colors We Love. Use the “dark, majestic blue” of Cascades SW 7623 by Sherwin Williams for a bold accent wall or even trim paint! Bring in velvet bar stools or a painted dining table and chairs. Paint a recessed shelve or kitchen desk and create a coffee bar or bold backdrop to display your favorite china pattern.

Heavy Metal

Reflective surfaces such as mirrors, glass, and metallic finishes are a natural complement to jewel tones. They help to play up the drama and glam. The key is to not go metal crazy. Mixed metals will detract from the look. Let the jewel-tone colors take center stage and pick a single finish, such as rose gold, silver, brass, or copper. Art Deco pieces, decorative cabinet and drawer pulls, and statement faucets are a perfect choice for this look.

Black and White

Jewel tones are well balanced when used with a clean white. If you have white cabinets and countertops, you have the perfect anchor for a jewel tone. Conversely, black provides the same needed balance for jewel tone’s intensity of color. You can anchor the look with black cabinets, countertops, and trim. If you choose this route, shy away from using more than one color. Find the perfect tone and use it consistently.
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