Color Series: Oyster Bay

Oyster Bay Sherwin Williams

Oyster Bay SW 6206 by Sherwin Williams is a cool green color with blue undertones. Like many gray greens, Oyster Bay is considered a cool color. However, it manages to feel warmer without bringing in too much tan or yellow and it pairs just as easily with warm colors due to its earthy green tone.

Oyster Bay is very similar to Sea Salt SW 6204 but has more depth. It pairs with the same color palates and can be used in place of Sea Salt in any design scheme. If you like the feel of Sea Salt but seek more color depth, Oyster Bay is a great choice. If you love them both and do not want to choose, use both to create a light to dark palate for cabinets.

This color makes itself at home anywhere. It can be a part of any kitchen design, taking your kitchen just as easily to a traditional and timeless white kitchen as it does to a French countryside. It can even take you to the coast! The design possibilities are endless with Oyster Bay.

Calm and Soothing

Oyster Bay can anchor a serene color palate. Much like a day at the spa, it evokes a calm feeling and puts you in the mood to relax. Pair it with other colors in the Recharge palate within the  Sherwin Williams Living Well Collection, like Rainwashed SW 6211.  Consider accents like textured burlap, ivory cottons, and rattan and bamboo.

Wood Tones

Oyster Bay is the perfect anchor for cabinets and furniture in a range of natural wood tones.  It works with the clean lines of mid-century modern cabinets in any tone from blonde to deep brown. It makes vintage wood furniture pieces stand out. It can make itself equally at home in a kitchen with traditional wood cabinets. has examples of  Frameless Cabinets: Combining Modern Style with Smooth Function that combine seamlessly with this color.

Cream and Off White

Cream and off-white pair equally well with Oyster Bay. Consider whites such as Spare White SW 6203 or Pure White SW 7005 for cabinets and trim for a crisp, white, timeless design scheme. Pairings with off-whites like Greek Villa SW 7551 or Ivory Lace SW 7013 work perfectly in a French Farmhouse kitchen. shows you How to Make Your Kitchen Feel Like It’s in the French Countryside.

Sherwin Williams Coastal Palette

The name of the color is a give away for how well Oyster Bay works in a Sherwin Williams coastal design palette. More subtle than a nautical feel, this design palate draws inspiration from the natural colors associated with the sea, whether at dawn, in full daylight, at sunset, or at night. One of the colors in this palette is Repose Gray SW 7015, considered a perfect “greige”. as a lesson in this design with Coastal Design Style 101 that describes this style as “Easy-breezy and laidback, coastal style can give even a landlocked home the beach house feeling of vacay, every day.” Oyster Bay works with all of the driftwood, coral, soft oranges, and midnight blues that make a coastal space pop.

Silver or Stainless Steel

Oyster Bay is a perfect fit with silver or stainless steel. Consider using shiny, modern pulls for cabinets and drawers. You can also bring a silver statement in with vintage silver pieces in the form of fixtures and lighting. It will make stainless steel farmhouse sinks, open shelving, and appliances make a statement.

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