Top 5 White Cabinet Paint Colors

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Top 5 WHITE Paint Colors for Kitchen Cabinets

There is nothing wrong with following the latest color trend. There is also nothing wrong with gravitating to white. A classic white cabinet never really leaves kitchen design discussion for a reason.

“It is a phrase we often utter: When it comes to enduring style, white kitchens are one of those classic home style decisions that stand the test of time.” -The Spruce, in  21 Chic and Stylish White Cabinet Ideas.

You may think that white is, well, white. However, even the absence of color varies. Think about snow versus a white sand beach. The eye sees a difference. A different feeling is relayed. We have taken the guess work out of picking your perfect white paint.

Here are the top 5 white paints that Kitchens Redefined recommends for kitchen cabinets:

  1. Sherwin Williams Snowbound #7004

Snowbound white is part of Sherwin William’s minimalist collection. It has a slight gray undertone, making it a bright white that is neither too warm nor too cool. It is considered to be a “Timeless White” by Sherwin Williams.

“Snowbound is a bright white, so it can be used anywhere in the home without the usual worries about creating caverns or claustrophobic feelings. Its gray tint gives it just a hint of body that helps it stand up to bright lighting as well.” -Stevie Williams, Sherwin Williams Snowbound Paint Color Review for Decorated Life.

It pairs well greens and purples. Sherwin Williams lists two of its coordinating colors as Colonnade Gray and Autumn Orchid.    Snowbound has design flexibility and can find a place in any style of kitchen.

  1. Sherwin Williams Egret White #7570

Egret White has a light taupe tone to it if placed next to a brighter white like Sherwin Williams Snowbound. It provides a subtle hint of warmth.

This is definitely a more modern color that will pair really nicely with lighter and cool toned wood floors and dark accents. Sherwin Williams lists two of its coordinating colors as Tin Lizzie and Silken Peacock.

  1. Sherwin Williams Aesthetic White #7035

Aesthetic White offers a soft, off-white that is not gray in undertone but does lean slightly in to gray. The result is a beige that avoids a typical golden impression.

“In north-facing light, you will see Aesthetic White lean a touch more into the greige end of things, will STILL holding its warmth, as Aesthetic White is a warm color at heart. However, in south-facing or afternoon western light, Aesthetic White will be in its glory WITHOUT looking overly toasty!” -Kylie Mawdsley of Kylie M Interiors.

Sherwin Williams lists two of its coordination colors as Chelsea Gray and Aquaverde.

  1. Benjamin Moore Pure White #OC-64

According to Benjamin Moore, “This color is part of the Off-White Color collection. Inherently sophisticated and endlessly versatile, the Off-White collection offers subtle nuances of whites that suit tranquil, serene environments as well as creates color-enhancing accents for dynamic spaces.”

This shade of off white is cool on the white spectrum and contains blue undertones. It also has a little gray to create a blend that is crisp and vivid yet soft.  It pairs well, therefore, with all shades of blue and true, cool grays.

  1. Sherwin Williams Incredible White #7028

Incredible White is light dependent. It can present as “greige,” give off undertones of peachy-pink, and even slide towards purple. The recommendation is to make sure this gets moved around and viewed in both light and shadow before deciding it is the one for you.

Sherwin Williams lists two of its coordinating colors as Anew Gray and In the Navy.

When you decide white is right for you, hire a Kitchens Redefined professional to save time, stress and money. You will get lasting quality and they can repaint any wood such as oak, maple, or birch using their exclusive process, giving you cabinets with durable, long-lasting finishes.

When you are ready to go white, Kitchens Redefined is ready to make your kitchen cabinets the right white.